Business Plan

Executive Summary

My business will be me working as a freelance fashion and advertising photographer. My job role will be to advertise myself, run my social media accounts, respond to customers, take and edit images for my clients and run the accounts and business side of my business. I will be the sole proprietor of my company which means I will be the owner and there will be no other employees. I will likely begin by renting out a studio or going to other studios to take photos for the clients as I will be working freelance and this is unlikely to be my only job. I would ideally like to get my own studio at some point but this is unlikely at the beginning. My business will be striving to give every customer with exactly the image they have in their mind, whether that’s elaborate and over the top or simple and understated.

Zoe Robin Photography, working hard to capture the image that you desire and deserve.

Product and Service Description

My business will be providing clients with images that they can use in advertising campaigns, on social media, in magazines or on billboards. I will mainly be focusing on fashion and makeup advertising but will be flexible to the needs and wants of my clients. If my client is wanting me to advertise baked beans then that is something I will have to do. My aim is to make sure I’m pleasing the customer, despite that I would rather work with people as subjects of my images. Advertising photography is about giving the client what they envision for their advertisements and doing this to the best of your ability. This is what I will be providing customers with; my determination to give them exactly what they want.

Target Market

My target market is likely to be anyone who needs fashion or makeup advertising; this could be anywhere from small fashion brands to makeup YouTubers to bigger brands and clothing companies. Ideally, I would like to work for high street fashion companies, such as New Look or ASOS so I would be striving to get the attention of these brands. To do this it would be important to create work similar to that of their previous marketing campaigns so that I can show my work will fit in nicely with their current aesthetic. Having said that, it would also be helpful to get the support of marketing and advertising companies, so it might help to work underneath an advertising company who can further promote me to the brands I desire to work with. I think all of these can be helped by using social media of some sort, whether that be informal like Instagram or more targeted like LinkedIn.

The Competition

There is SO much competition in fashion photography, specifically. So many university students, just like me, are wanting to work in the fashion industry and I am already disadvantaged because I am not in London and have not been to a fashion school in London. But I differ from all of these photographers because I am not just interested in photographing fashion; I live and breathe fashion. I think it speaks wonders that I know fashion, as well as flattering angles and good lighting. Those three skills combined means I have more of an extensive knowledge than other photographers do, and I may be able to advise and help in ways that others may not.

Key Marketing Strategies

Obviously I will be aiming to promote through my social media but if I don’t have a lot of followers I may not be able to get my name out there in the way I intend to. I will also be using LinkedIn to make connections with people who may be able to help me find jobs, such as with other people in advertising or people in the head offices of brands I’d like to work with. It may also be helpful for me to pay to have my name featured in a directory of photographers, whether this on an online freelance for hire or some other form of directory. As well as this I will send out a PDF format of my portfolio to brands that I’d like to work with in hopes that they will see my work and want to hire me to photograph for them.


As things stand I have at least one of all the equipment I will need but it is best to have a backup of everything in case of technical difficulties. I already have a surplus of SD cards, two flashes, one set of triggers, one camera and one battery for that camera. I think it’d be best to buy another camera, a similar one would cost around £350 for used but if I want a camera that is better I may be looking at £1000+ for a secondary camera. A second battery for a Canon camera is likely to cost me around £40, I will also get a second lot of flash triggers which will cost only about £10. If I decide I need more lights, which I likely will, I will have to look around for the best option but they may be around £300 and upwards. That makes my initial expense around £1500.

Gabby Laurent said that magazines offer around £200 for a commission, this may vary depending on how desirable I become and what kind of thing they are looking for. So, if going by Gabby’s estimations, I could get nothing in a month if I don’t get any commissions but I could always get £800 upwards if I manage to get one commission a week. Initially, it is very unlikely that I’ll be getting a commission a week, or even a month, so I will need to get another job as my main source of income with photography being my side job so that I will be able to afford necessities like food and rent. For photography to become my sole job I will need to be charging more than this for each commission I do or I will not to do a lot of commissions. I think for me to able to live off the income I get from being a photographer I will need to charge more like £400 for a commission or even more so that I can ensure I can live off that money until the next time I get a commission.

It’d probably be at least a few months before I can earn enough to cover the cost of buying duplicates of my equipment. It is my understanding that when being commissioned for advertising campaigns the cost of renting a studio and any extra equipment will be covered but if this turns out to be false then I will need to include cost of rentals in the price that I provide companies with.

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