Let’s Make a More Extensive Plan

Planning for Success 

Success to me is not black and white really, success to me is having a job that pays well enough for me and my partner to live a life without struggle. Success is simply knowing that I have enough money for rent, utilities and food. Ideally, I would like a salaried job so that I know I’ll have a steady income. However, the job I currently want is to be a fashion and advertising photographer which usually means I will have to work freelance, so it may be a case of choosing between financial stability and the job that I am currently wanting to do.

The Future

I don’t think the future can ever be determined, there are so many variables that can throw a spanner in the works. As things stand I know I’d like to work in fashion and advertising, for now I’d like to be a photographer in that industry, but that could change, I’m not set on one specific career. Having said that, I do picture myself working in a bigger city so I am very flexible when it comes to moving for job opportunities.


I like to think I have a good reputation, my degree will certainly help with that but I also think that my social media pages will have to help with that. Currently my photography Instagram and Facebook pages are images that I am proud of, ones that I feel and hope show my brand in a positive light. I know that to build my reputation better I need to post more on these pages to get more publicity and more followers so that I can get a good name for myself within the industry. I am also building up my personal Instagram page with fashion and clothing so that I might get a good reputation within fashion as well to open up job opportunities even more.


Location is something I honestly can’t say I know. I have no idea where I’m going to end up. It all depends on job opportunities and my partner as well. My partner and I would like to move to America as I think there will be more job opportunities for the both of us in America. I think somewhere like Philadelphia or New York would be ideal for fashion and advertising as they are both very creative cities. Although, this would be what I really want, it is very difficult to move to America and especially to get a work Visa in America. So if we cannot move to America, a city in England would be just as good, somewhere like Bristol, London, or anywhere else with good job opportunities.


I would love to be able to go on a nice holiday every now and then, I’d like to be able to buy the things that I want without worrying about money, and I’d like to be able to go out for nice dates with my partner. I know that seems like a lot but I’m not worried about having expensive possessions, I would happily live in an old flat of some sort, as long as I can make it feel homely, I don’t care if the things that I have are expensive, as long as I like them. All of these things would fair a lot better if I was to have a consistent job, one that I can rely on, which goes back to me trying to get a salaried job, instead of working freelance. This is something that I don’t know how to dictate now, something that I am going to have to decide on once I have begun to work and have a clearer idea of my own job prospects.


To me, pride is fairly simple, it’s having a family that I love and a job in something that I enjoy doing. I think as long as I have people around me that I love and who love me, as well as a fairly enjoyable job, then I will be proud of where I am in life. Pride to me is also knowing that you are a good person, someone that others want to spend time with. I think if I can be happy with who I am as a person, knowing that I can help others and be surrounded with other good people then I think I will be very proud of myself and my life.


I don’t really know what my “purpose” is, I’m not sure I know anyone who does know their purpose. When you talk about purpose in life you tend to think about the bigger picture; what can I do for the world? How do I help those who are worse off than me? How do I change the way people treat the world? But I don’t think it all has to be about the “bigger picture”, I don’t see why my purpose can’t just be helping those around me. If everyone helped the people around them, rather than assuming they can help people across the other side of the world, then maybe people wouldn’t need so much help. Think about all the people across the world screaming and shouting about how we need change in the world, but how much change has really occurred from that? The hole in the O-zone layer was repairing itself until factories in China created a new one, just because they wanted to make toys. I don’t think that however much we try to change things in the world, anything will change, I think it’s more about helping out the people around you and the place you live in.


My personality is constantly changing at the moment, I’m a completely different person to who I was the first year of university, and I’m sure if you ask me again in another three years it’ll be different again. Right now, I like to think I’m a fairly good person, who other people like to be around. I always try to be very supportive of people and help out whenever I can. As well as trying my best to be a good person, I would like to think I’m very fashionable and fashion-oriented. I like to be quite experimental with the things I wear and hope that others are inspired my fashion taste. I’d also like to think that I’m fairly smart and easy to have a conversation with, I can hold a conversation and have good chats about thinks both meaningful and not so meaningful. It’s actually quite difficult to explain your personality, what I think as my personality, others might see as very different. To me, I am very honest and I see that as a good thing because I’m not one to lie, but others might see that as me being mean and rude. Maybe it’s best to ask those close to me what my personality is, they’ll be able to explain myself better than I will.

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