Let’s Make a Plan


Time to make a plan, from Summer 2019 to Summer 2020….interesting! I’m not sure if this plan has to be all photography based because I don’t think it’s going to be. I already have some things sorted and they are definitely not related to my desired career of being in fashion advertising for brands like ASOS or New Look. I guess all I can do is tell you what I’m doing.

So first off, I’ve just got a part time job at New Look as a Sales Advisor in my local branch, I know that this my not lend me into my career but I think it can’t hurt to already be working for a brand that I’d like to work for. Once I leave university I’m hoping to increase my hours as a Sales Advisor to get more experience and money because I am aiming to move out of my parents house by August 2019.

Why wait until August when I finish university in June? Well, that would be because me and my fiance are off to travel Asia! How exciting, right? We already have plans to go to Tokyo, Kyoto (both in Japan) and Vietnam in the month that we have available from July into August but we are hoping to go elsewhere as well. I am very interested in Japanese street fashion, it’s so different from fashion in the UK and so I am planning on taking a lot of photos whilst I am there that I can then, hopefully, put into my portfolio and online.

Then, as I said, we are going to move out as we have already got the money to get a rented flat. I don’t really know where we’re going to end up with this one, ideally we would like to move to Bristol as there seem to be a fair amount of artistic opportunities in Bristol, maybe eventually we’ll move nearer London (back to Essex where I’m from maybe haha) but it may be that we end up in Taunton as it’ll be easier for my fiance to stay in his fairly well paying job than to move jobs when I may not have a job myself in Bristol.

Whilst living in Taunton I am hoping that I can remain in the same New Look job whilst I look for jobs that I may want to do more. I think I will begin by researching and contacting advertising agencies or brands that I’d like to work for to see if they have any availability. I would be happy to start working low down and work my way up. I have already joined LinkedIn which I hope will put me into better contact with people that I may be able to work for.

And then, I have no immediate plans until June 2020 when I get to marry my fiance in his home town of Ilminster. After we get married we are planning on applying to move to somewhere near Philadelphia in America so that we can be closer to my family in America whilst also living in a city that is alive with art and music and new experiences. Philadelphia is a brilliant town to live in for me as it is full of art and inspiration and it is only a short flight from New York so that I may travel there for even more opportunities in photography.

So that’s it, that’s all I’ve got at the moment. I feel like my life is very up in the air and nothing is 100% certain, except from going to Asia and getting married but I’ll make it work. I think one thing that people forget is that you don’t have to start your career as soon as you get out of university. I’ve lost my love for photography a bit along this journey to getting a degree and I think maybe I need some time before I get a job doing photography, if I even do work in the field, because if I go into it now I don’t think I’ll want to stick it out. Not everything has to be now now now, I have time to work this out a bit better. All I know is I’d like to work in fashion and if I carry on experimenting with clothes and taking pictures of clothes I think I’ll get there eventually, whether or not I start it this year or if I start it in 10 years from now.

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