Copyright, Licensing and IPR

IPR – intellectual property rights

  • Copyright, design and patents act 1998
  • Digital Economy Act 2010/13


  • Automatically bestowed on any creative work that is original, in material form, created by a British citizen or made in Britain.
  • Does not cover work created within normal employment, any ideas/plans, facts, anything that has already been copyrighted.
  • Use (c) sign, credit line and IPTC fields – use copyright feature on PhotoShop
  • Duration of rights -> artistic – 70 years from death of creator


  • a usage agreement that includes/defines use of media type, territory and duration
  • Do you want them to credit our work? Do they get exclusivity?
  • Transactional license
  • Non-transactional license – not an acts contract e.g. when putting words on social media
  • Creative comments – embedding in images the permissions/copyright of images

(CC) pd – public domain, renouncing all copyrights

Prove it’s your own-

  • stamp/watermark
  • embedded data
  • IPTC copyright info

Pricing – research prices of people doing similar work

Invoice –

  • Name/letterhead
  • Who the invoice is to
  • The product you have supplied (cost of hires, photographers fee, etc.) and total
  • Date
  • Terms and conditions (Copyright and licensing, payment time, etc)
  • Purchase order reference number
  • VAT number and invoice number
  • Your signature

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